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Главная » 2016 » Июль » 24 » Учебно-исследовательская работа "SMS in our life"
Учебно-исследовательская работа "SMS in our life"

Учебно-исследовательская работа "SMS in our life"

Учебно-исследовательская работа

Автор: Любинская Елена Валерьевна, учитель английского языка государственного учреждения образования «Козенская средняя школа Мозырского района» города Козенки.

Every minute the world changes and of course we are changing too. The man strives for perfection and every day he creates something new. On the one hand, several years ago we couldn’t imagine that we will be using mobile phones. On the other hand, nobody can intend that mobile phones will be available for every person. Nowadays the mobile phone is the first necessity for every man, woman, child and even for grandparents. So, SMS became an important part in our daily life.  It’s really hard to imagine our life without SMS. Everyone uses it when it is necessary.

The development of modern technologies has a great influence on the language, in particular on its spelling. The whole information is shortened to its minimum to save time and money. Experts say the growing trend of SMS language among teenagers has paved the way for a new type of language.

Theme: “SMS in our life”. This theme is actual because SMS is a new phenomenon in our life. Moreover it is little-studied, but it’s popular enough among people.

Modern people can’t imagine their lives without mobile phones. Every day people call each other for different reasons such as just to talk, to get to know some information, news, to appoint a day for a meeting and so on. Otherwise, a lot of people prefer to send messages to do a call. Maybe it is faster, cheaper, and more exciting.

The aim of the work is to explain the role of SMS in our life, to study the level of popularity of SMS among teens and to find out if using SMS language is a convenience or a corruption for studying English.

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